Peace initiative – Zambia

It is exactly one month since the last tripartite elections were held in Zambia,time seems to fly by.We want to return all glory to God for the relative peace which characterized these elections.The current trend on our beloved continent, Africa is violence and instability after any elections.We are convinced that a paradigm shift is possible in the way politics are conducted and this will show maturity of the democratic process in Africa.

We congratulate all stake holders in the previous elections and hasten to say there has been no loser under the circumstances we find our selves in as a nation.This is a win win situation for all Zambians and we must look forward to developing our country whether in the opposition or ruling party.Hats off to all NGO’s, political parties,the church,security forces and the entire civil society for saying,” NO” to violence and promoting peace before,during and after the elections.

The current ruling Party (Patriotic Front) deserves to be congratulated for all the hard work and determination shown to scoop the elections in such a remarkable manner.The general concencus was that no single political party was capable of dislodging the former ruling party (MMD) which had the entire government machinery behind it having ruled the country for the last 20 years!

We trust that this change will bring a meaningful difference to the many Zambians who went to vote in hope for better life.Our appeal to the new government is to embress all Zambians regardless of political affiliation and religious inclination.The onus to foster and maintain peace in the nation rests primarily on the ruling party which is currently in control of government machinery.

It need not be said that every patriotic Zambian has the responsibility to promote and maintain peaceful co- existence in our nation,for we have no other Zambia to run to once we squander the opportunity to leave peaceably. (To be continued)


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