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Over the years God’s hand has been working wonders in this ministry through his servant Bishop Lombe Morgan and we are glad to present a series of History in pictures. “If anything has ever worked in this ministry, it is because Gods hand is leading us, nothing will ever work without him“. Bishop Lombe. View the pictures  below to see  the journey over the years as we return all glory back to God for what He continues to do.

His grace - Bishop Morgan Lombe

His grace – Bishop Morgan Lombe

Bishop Lombe as a Child.He was born in a family of nine, where they were two boys and seven girls.Today,he is the only surviving man among the boys.

Morgan Lombe as baby

His parents were devoted Christians who made sure he achieved what today, the world can see and benefit from.Mrs Sophia Lombe (Late) passionately prayed daily for the salvation of her son “Lombe Morgan”.Her prayers were really  prophetic and came to be answered  on the ordination day of  Pastor Lombe.What was special about the day is that,when she was told she heart-fully released him into ministry by squeezing his hand as she could not talk as a result of the stroke that lead to her death, a few months later.May her soul rest in eternal peace, her prayer is the reflection of what the world can see today in the  Lombe family and the body of Christ at large.

His  parents were devoted believers from United Church of Zambia (Extreme left Sophia Lombe, mother)

After some years, God started to work wonders in his life and family.He went to school tostudy Veterinary Science and started working in the Ministry of Agriculture in  the Government of  Republic of Zambia.

 Student of Veterinary Science in 1988 at Zambia Institute of Animal Health (ZIAH).

After School, he worked as a Veterinary Officer and everything was well as he desired from childhood . He later married and God blessed him with four wonderful Children.One thing that started to trouble him, was the passion to work for God the rest of his life.

His sisters also pursued other professions and  are currently in different places. One of his Sisters,  is  a Professor in USA.

Pastor Morgan Lombe, now ready to bless God’s people,” in and out of season”.

Emeldah Lombe Mokwena, a teacher by Profession is also among many others in Bishop Lombe’s family who are running Christian ministries and are committed to see many lives transformed.She is currently running Blessing Children’s Ministry in Witbank, South Africa.


The last born in Bishop Lombe ‘s family is also a teacher by profession,(University of Zambia) graduate.Grace Lombe has been influential too in the body of Christ, she is currently serving as an elder and Church Secretary in the United Church of Zambia.

Grace Lombe in Ndola, Zambia

In this brief background,God has been shaping the Lombe  family into Leadership,with the passion to reach out to the lost.

Bishop Lombe started the Ministry in 1999 with a few that have made tremendous influence today.


Nothing slowed down the passion of starting the Ministry,The Rose of Sharon Ministries started its early Church services in the local community hall.The interest was not  in fancy auditoriums or desire for temporal   resources but rather it was founded on the principle of the word of God of; Winning souls,Discipleship and church planting.


Only one day, history changed and made a drastic difference in The Rose of Sharon  Ministries,the day the ministry acquired and purchased land with title deeds.With God’s favor,a number of individuals,groups and churches extended their hands in seeing “Faith Tabernacle” become a reality.New Life Church in Witbank,South Africa played  a pivotal role in building the church.Unrelented support from Rev Martin Visagie (His Pastor) has seen to a lot of progress in the project.Many other people including church leaders and membership have contributed immensely to the success of the project



The above picture the ground where “Faith Tabernacle” has been built.

Men and Women dedicated their time and resources working.

From the Ground the building started to rise.

Roofing was done


The Church building continues to be built and has become a place of worship.

What was bare   ground today is home to Faith Tabernacle

The building project continues with plans to build a Secondary School,Missions school and Children’s Nursery Center. The Rose of Sharon Ministries welcome all manner of support and donations for the planned projects.See donations page for our Banking Details and may God Bless you as you partner with the Ministry.

Part of “Awakening”, 2011 audience

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